Monday, December 8, 2008

The Airprot

So im sitting in the airport waiting for the plane "i will never again fly AA" and i can't help but think back on my time in guatemala. 7 whole weeks! i can't believe that its over and that im going home. At the same time i can't wait to get back here! yesterday and this morning i have been thinking about what God has taught me in this crazy trip. How there sould not me the word if in your vocab, it should always be when God does it! How to live a life totally and uterly devoted to him. Some times very scary and not the easyest road to choose, but he told us it wouldn't be! God will always provide for your needs he will never leave you where you can't handle. You might have to go with out food friends family and alot of other things that we have been taught is what we as "christians" desirve. Which when you really look at the bible is not true at all Jesus went without all of that and he was the son of God! the reason that we live our lives the way we do.  I will never be the same after this trip. Tita said last night that "jacob you are not the same person that came here just be prepared for that!" So as i sit here i thank God that he gave me the chance to spend time in guatemala and give me the chance to come back and make this what i do! God is good.

Monday, December 1, 2008

the last week

So its here the last week of my time in this amazing and beautiful county!  This has been a real awesome expreince. God has taught me some much form the kids that i thought that i would be helping. For instance a little girl jumping 6 feet off of a ralling in to my arms with out even thinking, to a man who has nothing giving me the ring i spoke of earlyer and last tita showing me that there should not be the word if in our vocab if we believe in God! He will ALWAYS provide for is children.  Today we were doing some home visits and i realized that it was the last time i would see some of them. I got very sad for the first time about thinking about coming home leaving for three months is going to feel like a life time. these kids, families, and place have been my home and will be my home for a long time to come. I am excited to see my family and my few friends, but God has shown me that this is my new home and im very excited to be back here and doing this work that God has let me do. I will be writing on here while i am in the states as well i hope you all liked my posts and they showed alittle bit of my life in guatemala, but to really see what i saw you need to come here and touch the kids love on the and let them teach you! God bless!