Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the ring

So a week ago we got to have jerimiah here with us and this morning he left which was bitter sweet! It was a great week with him to reconnect and just be able to hang out. On Wednesday we got to take the teachers to PanaJachel which is a town on a lake. It was beautiful time. We served the teacher the 2 days we were there! All they had to do was laugh and enjoy them selves and we all did! the last night we all got together and prayed there was crying hugging and at the end jerimiah and i got to wash all of their feet which was very very powerful for all of us! On the trip back i got sick and am just now getting over it. I am very glad to be well again! Thank you all for your prayers! 
Yesterday as we were walking back to the car to leave for the day a man who always smiles to me and shakes my hand we try to talk to each other but the language barrier is hard. He stayed to show me his new earing and then took off a ring on his finger and gave it to me to look at or so i thought. When i tried to give it back he wouldn't except it. i tried to ask Tita to tell him that it was his and i couldn't take it, but she said it was a gift. WOW someone who has nothing giving me a ring off of his finger! For the rest of the night i was looking at it thinking about it and asking God how can i not do the same! I have seen so much of these acts while i have been down here. People who have nothing giving everything! coming in to a house and being given some of their dinner! In the states if you come to some ones house they give you snacks, not the food they have prepared! These people have just enough food if to little to feed their own family and still they offer it to you!  God is amazing! and has really taught me that following him means that you have to give all you have your heart your life everything! It's not always easy but its ALWAYS worth it!  So know i wear the ring around my neck to always remind me that we have to give all we are to God!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

National mess with the gringo day!

So yesterday was offically named the the National mess with gringo day in Guatemala! It started off with monica taking all of the tooth brushes out of the bathroom took them to Tita and she picked mine and used it to clean Monica's necklace! I had no idea what was going on and they were laughing so hard! Then ive been trying to speak in spanish as much as i can so i asked for some chocolate in the van while some of the teachers where in there and one of them said that she spoke like that when she was two! "she spoke in spanish so i had to ask Tita what is said and through the laughs i got the meaning! again everyone was laugh really had! Last but not least another teacher said that i can't make a noise people in guatemala use to get your attention in spanish either! So in all yesterday was a fun filled day of making for of the gringo! I can't wait for next year, but next year i will be able to understand them then we will see who is laughing!!!! To be honest i love it down here the people are soooo nice and the land is so beautiful! I hope that everyone is having a great weekend!
In Christ